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Brand Partnerships

We co-develop games, create special experiences, and deliver powerful advertising campaigns for the world`s biggest and best brands.

AAA Branded Games and Experiences
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Our Games

What is Gamefam? Watch and find out.

Over 30 of our team members contributed to producing this video that showcases our achievements, our values, and our vibe.

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Case Studies

Live Ops Case Study: Twilight Daycare

We utilized strategic production planning to increase updates to 2x weekly every week without crunching the team, sustainably lifting usage 40% on this hit game. At the same time, we increase revenue per visit 300%, leading to a massive total revenue lift. We are currently getting ready to launch a toyline and web series based on the IP with incredible professional partners.

Monetization Case Study: Ultimate Driving

In the face of relentless competition within the driving genre, we deployed a combination of new features, user acquisition spending, and community engagement to create a 100% lift in revenue from 2020-2021 year to date. Great things are in store for this franchise!

Live Ops Case Study: Little World

Gamefam has a 100% success rate in raising KPIs using Live Ops. This isn’t magic, it’s just hard work, driven by product strategy, executed with diligent, collaborative teamwork. Gamefam took over management of Little World at its lowest point, less than 200K daily visits and an RPV of R$.6. After building a strategic roadmap, utilizing best practices in design and production management, and a 12-point publishing process that ensures stability and performance, Little World is back to 400K+ daily visits and R$.9-1.25. More growth is planned with a series of electrifying new features in production.

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Collaboration-Driven Production

Roadmap planning

We collaborate deeply to assess and understand each team`s:

  • Resources
  • Capabilities
  • Dreams!

Then we add skilled staff design resources to plan months of content at a time, allowing us to ship, stable, perfomant new features every week across every live game in our portfolio.

Design, Develop, Publish

Whether it`s bringing in some of Robloxs top developers as creative consultants or hiring in design specialists with experience at AAA gaming companies, we collaborate with each dev team to bring the roadmap to life:

  • Game design
  • Art direction and asset development
  • Marketing strategy and asset creation
  • Build reviews and live-testing within our community
  • 10-step publishing process to ensure stability

Our Analytics Team

Strategic Partner: RoMonitor

Gamefam has made a strategic investment in the RoMonitor platform and is co-developing powerful technology both for competitive benchmarking and for internal portfolio management

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Gamefam Proprietary Dashboards

Gamefam invested early in a series of live ops technologies that allow our producers to track our games with precision across usage, retention, and monetization metrics. This is one of the keys to our growth from 1MM visits per month in 2019 to 500MM visits per month in 2021!

What we're up to

Stay in the loop with what’s happening on ROBLOX and keep up to date with Gamefam’s latest success stories through our social media!

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Meet the Team

Gamefam is a diverse, international team of industry veterans and ROBLOX natives. With over 100 team members striving daily to achieve amazing results and create unforgettable experiences, we’re one of the largest studios to work directly on the ROBLOX platform. When you partner with us, you’ll meet a vast network of incredibly talented and welcoming individuals to work and learn with. Before starting Gamefam, these are some of the projects where our team members made key contributions:

Pokemon Legends
Assassin’s Creed Movie
He-Man Most Powerful Game in the Universe
Hot Wheels Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pack
Hot Wheels Rivals Arena in Rocket League
Subway Surfers Animated Series
Star Wars Rebels Recon Missions
Frontierville (Zynga game)
Overwatch League
Star Citizen
Collins Key YouTube
Pokemon Legends
Assassin’s Creed Movie
He-Man Most Powerful Game in the Universe
Hot Wheels Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pack
Hot Wheels Rivals Arena in Rocket League
Subway Surfers Animated Series
Star Wars Rebels Recon Missions
Frontierville (Zynga game)
Overwatch League
Star Citizen
Collins Key YouTube
Joe Ferencz
Founder and CEO
Joe’s passion is to create the best games and brands on Roblox - Gamefam is the culmination of a career in pop culture, kids brand management, and game production!
Wes Leviton
Co-founder and Production Lead
Wes is an experienced live operations specialist whose laser-like focus on shipping new, data-driven features is pushing Gamefam’s games and community to new heights!
Sonal Patel
Vice President, Finance & Operations
An experienced finance executive with deep gaming experience at Blizzard and EA, Sonal is focused on developing sustainable production pipeline models that maximize both community engagement and value creation
Mani Kabir
Head of User Acquisition
Mani is a multi-disciplined marketing executive with comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing who has lead multi-million dollar user acquisition for hit mobile F2P games including Pokémon Masters and Final Fantasy Record Keeper.
Sierra Brooks
Human Resources Lead/ Executive
Sierra is a highly driven human resources lead with a passion for helping companies flourish through professional and proactive recruiting processes. She will bring qualified new talent to GameFam and establish best HR policies overall.
Jay Sobel
Game Producer
After 5 years experience as a production assistant to Steven Spielberg, Jay left film to follow his passion for making amazing video games. Jay brings outstanding organizational and creative leadership skills.

Get in Touch and Let’s Talk

Our mission at Gamefam is to Create Amazing Experiences for an Amazing Community, to launch and grow the next generation of super hit gaming and entertainment franchises. To achieve that, we’ve created a home for the metaverse’s best creators and business people. We’d love to hear from you and explore how we can work together to make dreams come true, please reach out anytime!